ManyPrimates 1: Short-Term Memory

The evolution of short-term memory

The first ManyPrimates project is a continuation of our pilot study. We collected data from 400+ primates from 40+ species and almost 30 sites in order to make meaningful inferences about the evolution of short-term memory abilities in the primate lineage.

We wrapped up data collection for this project! But you can still contribute to the project (e.g., by working on the analysis and writing) – even if you did not collect data for it. You can find details about the many types of contributions in our authorship guidelines.

If you’re interested in joining the project, please get in touch! If you haven’t already, join our Slack workspace. Slack is a messaging tool we use for asking questions as well as for discussions and coordination.

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Thank you for being one of ManyPrimates!

MP1 coordination team: Drew Altschul, Manuel Bohn, Lydia Hopper, Marine Joly, Christoph Völter, Julia Watzek