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Oct 2018: On Saturday 27th, Lydia Hopper will present a poster on the ManyPrimates pilot study at the Midwest Primate Interest Group meeting (MPIG) at Indiana University Bloomington!

Authorship Guidelines

As a large scientific collaboration that aims to be inclusive, we are currently developing guidelines and criteria for how to assign authorship to individuals involved in ManyPrimates projects.

Ethics Guidelines

We are currently developing ethical guidelines for cognitive research with captive primates in general as well as for specific concerns that sanctuaries may have about the use of primates in research.


We encourage everyone who is interested in primate cognition to get involved. Access to primates is NOT a prerequisite.



As a proof of concept, this study was a first step towards building an infrastructure that facilitates large-scale collaboration in primate cognition research. In this pilot study, we conducted a short-term memory task with 187 primates from 12 species and 11 sites.

ManyPrimates 1: Short-Term Memory

The first ManyPrimates project is a continuation of our pilot study. We hope to increase the number of species and individuals per species in order to make meaningful inferences about the evolution of short-term memory abilities in the primate lineage.

ManyPrimates 2

We are currently collecting ideas for the second ManyPrimates project. If you are interested in joining the project, please get in touch.