Authorship Guidelines

As a large scientific collaboration that aims to be inclusive, we developed guidelines and criteria for how to assign authorship to individuals involved in ManyPrimates projects. Our task force led by Drew Altschul came up with the following guidelines based on the CRediT taxonomy. If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch.

Researchers who fulfill one or more of the following criteria are granted authorship on the publications that correspond to the projects they contributed to:

Contributor Role Role Definition
Conceptualization Leading, documenting and summarizing discussions that lead to formulation or evolution of overarching research goals and aims.
Data Curation Management activities to merge and maintain research data (including software code, where it is necessary for interpreting the data itself) in an online repository for initial use and later reuse.
Formal Analysis Application of statistical, mathematical, computational, or other formal techniques to analyse or synthesize study data, provided these analyses are included in the paper or supplementary materials.
Funding Acquisition Acquisition of the financial support for the project leading to this publication. Funds have to be distributed, in part, beyond one’s own facility. The latter point is met if personnel is hired that helps with coordination of the study.
Investigation Conducting a research and investigation process, specifically collecting data from at least 2 individuals, given that the data is included in the final sample.
Methodology Development or design of methodology; creation of models. Writing/designing the pre-registration.
Project Administration Management and coordination responsibility for the research activity planning and execution. Preparing and disseminating protocols and coding instructions. Ensuring that deadlines are met.
Resources Providing of access to animals and supervising research activity at the site. Developing or providing critical instrumentation or equipment to institutions other than one's own.
Software Programming, software development; designing computer programs; implementation of the computer code and supporting algorithms; testing of existing code components.
Validation Verification of the overall replication/reproducibility of results/experiments and other research outputs.
Visualization Preparation, creation and/or presentation of the published work, specifically visualization/data presentation, provided these visualizations are included in the paper or supplementary materials.
Writing Preparation and creation of the published work by those from the original research group, specifically critical review, commentary or revision – including pre- or post-publication stages. Specifically, piloting at least one section and/or co-piloting two sections of the paper as specified in the write-up plan.

General Notes

  • Contributors are strongly encouraged to contribute data from as many individuals as possible.
  • Contribution to more than one of the sections above is possible and also desirable.

Assignment of Authorship

All ManyPrimates papers will be published with “ManyPrimates” as the first author. Individual authors are listed in the authorship by-line after “ManyPrimates”. Authorship is claimed by putting one’s name down in the document that is used to write up each project. The type of contribution has to be specified in the author contribution section of each paper. In case one thinks that another person’s claim to authorship is unjustified, they can appeal to the authorship committee for that project (comprised of five volunteers), which will verify the claimed contribution and withdraw authorship if unrightfully claimed.

Journal Selection

ManyPrimates is committed to open science. All our empirical papers will be published in fully open-access journals. In addition, we particularly aim to support community-run, not-for-profit journals.

April 16, 2019